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Automotive Systems: Building a Better Relationship between Vehicles and Society

Hitachi's automotive systems business supplies a diverse range of technologies and products that cover the fields of "environment," "safety," and "information," with operations in Japan, North, Central and South America, Europe, China, and Asia.



Hitachi's extensive activities in the environmental field, where there is a growing demand for better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions, extend from engine management systems that transform combustion energy into motive force without waste, through to electric motors, inverters, and lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles.


For safety, Hitachi supplies products such as semi-active suspension systems and brakes that provide high-level support for both ride comfort and safe handling.



In the information field, Hitachi supplies multi-function vehicle information systems that work with cloud information network services to provide easy access to content such as video, music, and news updates as well as map updating services. They also include car navigation systems that feature natural speech interfaces, allowing users to specify their destination by talking to the system.